Happy holidays with more plants added in our collection

It's beginning to look like Christmas! 2021 is coming to an end... but we are adding more plants in our collection!

1. Graptopetalum Purple Delight Cluster

Graptopetalum Purple Delight, also known as graptoveria purple delight, is a perennial succulent plant of The genus Graptopetalum. Graptopetalum Purple Delight is a hybrid variety and is popular as a potted succulent ornamental plant. Leaves are a greenish/ purple and prefers a morning sun position. A great addition to any collection.

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2. Myrtillocactus geometrizans

Myrtillocactus geometrizans is a species of cactus in the genus Myrtillocactus, native to central and northern Mexico. The stems are like the shape of a women's breast. These cactus are easy to root and care for, and grow fast when given ideal conditions.

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3. Aeonium dodrantale

Aeonium dodrantale is a beautiful, evergreen, perennial succulent. The leaves are tightly closed during the dry season. Can be grown as a potted succulent on a bright windowsill, makes a beautiful house plant.

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4. Euphorbia multi-head obesa

Euphorbia obesa resembles a ball, thornless and decorative. It is commonly known as 'baseball plant' due to its shape. It is green with horizontal lighter or darker stripes .

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5. Cereus forbesii 'Spiralis'

The Cereus Forbesii 'Spiralis' is a rare cultivar of the Cereus forbesii prized for it's spiral growth habit. Since they are rapid growers, they need plenty of space for their roots. Repotting should be done every other year, or when the plant has outgrown its pot..  

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6. Cereus SP.f.Monst variegata

Cereus SP.f.Monst variegata is an odd cultivars that produces lots of sculptural monstrous and crested shapes, nicely variegated in yellow of what is normally a columnar cactus. It needs bright light, and some direct sun, but  avoid direct afternoon sun in summer..

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7. Echeveria Monroe

Echeveria 'Monroe' is best known to be a beautiful succulent that goes well in most collectors garden. As the plant matures you can expect the leaves to turn from green to red even orange depending on how it is stressed. The best way to stress the plant is by how much sunlight it is exposed to. .

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8. Sedum spurium cv. 'Dragon's Blood

Green leaves with red margins turn a brilliant red with cool autumn temperatures. Deep red flowers contrast with the green leaves in warm weather. Leaves become outlined in burgundy, and the colors fill in during the summer to become a deep burgundy by autumn.

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9. Echeveria agavoides Romeo Rubin

Stunningly in red, the Echeveria Agavoides Romeo Rubin is one of the most beautiful echeverias with its Bright rosettes. The plant's most notable feature are the red leaves that are almost shiny. When the succulent flowers you can expect it to produce red flowers that have yellow tips from spring to early summer.

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