How to Care for and Cultivate Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstrose inermis

Description: This is a cluster of monstrous cactus, creeping in growth, branching at the base, and can slowly grow up to a height of 25 (-40) centimeters.

Stem: Comprised of short vertical segments, branching at the base, reaching a height of 10-15 (-20) centimeters and a diameter of 5 centimeters. It is gray-green, with only a few small spines at the base. The upper part of the stem is cylindrical, smooth and spineless. The lower part has spines and shows a tendency to form ribs.

Spines: Honey-yellow to brown, located on a few basal segments, with up to 4 in each group. They can grow up to 4-7 centimeters long.

Cultivation: Very easy to cultivate, cold-hardy down to -12°C (or lower). Requires fertile and well-drained soil. After watering thoroughly, wait for it to dry before watering again. This species seems to need a little more water than most cacti. In fact, its cultivation requirements are more like those of most other "normal" plants than most other cacti. During the growing season, fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer.

Sunlight: Requires ample sunlight outdoors, but in hot summers, cacti are prone to sunburn, so they need bright light and some direct sunlight to be planted in light shade. During winter, place them in a cool, bright place and encourage them to enter dormancy by withholding water and fertilizer during the winter, as they will become elongated due to lower light levels. Overwatering can make them susceptible to fungal diseases, but they are not as sensitive as many other cacti, especially in warm weather. They tend to develop black rot spots in conditions of high humidity unless they are kept moderately moist in hot weather.

Propagation: Easily propagated by cuttings. Take single segments, dry them, and root them.