How to Care for and Cultivate Graptoveria cv Purple Dream

Graptoveria cv Purple Dream is a hybrid descendant of the Windmill Grass genus and Hoya, with semi-circular leaves. The upper side of the leaves is smooth, while the lower part is plump and rounded, with distinct tips that easily turn red, often with more red spots compared to the leaf color, and the leaf edges often show angular lines. It is said to have a sweet fragrance.

The color of Graptoveria cv Purple Dream leaves varies, appearing green when in poor condition, with a slight purple hue on the edges and undersides of the leaves. However, with adequate sunlight and proper care, the entire plant can turn reddish-purple.

Graptoveria cv Purple Dream is relatively easy to care for. It should be watered thoroughly when needed, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. In summer, shading and water control are appropriate. After a period of growth, it often forms clusters and gradually grows taller, with the lower leaves being consumed over time, turning into old stumps.

This variety is a drought-resistant deciduous variety with purple flowers, reaching a height of 71 centimeters, flowering from June to July. It takes 65 to 70 days from seed sowing to flowering, yielding 3 to 5 stems per bulb. It has strong adaptability and weak susceptibility to bacterial soft rot. The contrast between the pure purple bracts and the pure yellow flesh inflorescences is striking. The novel combination of flower shape and color makes it suitable for both potting and cutting.

The soil: The roots of succulent plants are generally shallow and prefer a moist environment. They cannot tolerate waterlogging, so when potted, it is necessary to add nutrient-rich soil with large particles. This allows excess water to be drained out promptly after retaining the necessary moisture, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Start controlling water from the seedling stage: To speed up the process of turning Graptoveria cv Purple Dream succulents into old stumps, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of watering from an early age. This is not only because excessive watering can accumulate in the soil and breed bacteria, but also because the succulents will not store water in their stems and leaves if the growing environment is too comfortable. Therefore, water only when the soil is dry to effectively distribute excess moisture in the stems to the branches and leaves, making them plump and lush. As a result, the main stem will quickly become woody, transforming the potted succulent into an old stump landscape, thereby enhancing its ornamental value to some extent.

Appropriate fertilization: Graptoveria cv Purple Dream succulents have low fertilizer requirements during the seedling stage. When repotting, add an appropriate amount of slow-release or compound fertilizer as base fertilizer. Once the main stem shows signs of woodiness, frequent application of thin fertilizer is needed. Sprinkle about 10 granules of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer into the soil every month to stimulate the synthesis of pigments and nutrients in the leaves.

When mature, divide the plant and transplant it into multiple flower pots for management.