How to Care for and Cultivate Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán

Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán is a succulent plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family and the Sedum genus. The plant has short stems, with fleshy leaves arranged in a lotus-like pattern. The original species of Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán have a plant width of around 15 centimeters, but under artificial cultivation conditions, they can grow to over 30 centimeters. The leaves are thick, spoon-shaped, with rounded or slightly pointed tips (those with rounded tips are called 'Round Leaf Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán'), brownish-green in color, covered with a thick layer of grayish-white or light bluish-gray powder, resembling sunscreen that can block strong ultraviolet radiation, hence the leaves appear grayish-white or light bluish-gray in color. The inflorescence is spike-shaped, with orange-red small flowers that bloom in spring.

The inflorescence can grow up to 6-10 centimeters long, with 6-7 bracts covered by a thick layer of white frost. The spike-shaped inflorescence typically bears 9-17 flowers, with each flower stalk measuring about 0.2-0.4 centimeters. The sepals are upright and irregularly shaped, measuring about 0.3-1.8 centimeters long. The unopened corolla is approximately conical, usually splitting into 5 lobes after opening.

Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán is a perennial herbaceous plant, belonging to the Sedum genus of the Crassulaceae family. The leaves are inverted-ovate, large and thick, with rounded or slightly pointed tips, occasionally with plants exhibiting leaves with short pointed tips. The mature leaves are approximately 5.0-8.5 centimeters long, 3-4.5 centimeters wide, and 0.3-0.8 centimeters thick. The dorsal surface of the leaves is flat or slightly concave. The grayish-green leaves are covered with a thick layer of light bluish or white frost powder, which may appear light pink or purple in color under sufficient sunlight.

Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán mostly thrives in temperatures between 5 to 25 degrees Celsius. When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius in summer, it enters a semi-dormant state and should be placed in a cool place; it basically goes dormant when the temperature drops below 5 degrees Celsius in winter. In summer, Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán should be protected from direct sunlight and should be partially shaded; in other seasons, it can be exposed to full sunlight. After repotting, Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán should be thoroughly watered and placed in a ventilated area to grow new roots. During the growing season, water should be given following the principle of drying out before watering thoroughly, avoiding watering the leaves to prevent washing off the white frost. Watering should be reduced in winter.

Echeveria laui Moran & Meyrán can be propagated by division, leaf cuttings, or seeds. For leaf cuttings, mature but not yellowing leaves should be selected, air-dried in a well-ventilated and bright place to allow the wounds to heal, then placed on slightly moist coarse sand or sandy soil in a ventilated and cool place to root and sprout, and then carefully transplanted into pots. For seeding, spring and autumn are the preferred seasons for sowing.