How to Care for and Cultivate Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple

Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple is a succulent plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family.

Morphological Characteristics:
Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple truly resembles an "alien plant." Its leaves range from silver-gray to gray-green, scale-like, thick, and broadly heart-shaped. They grow densely in pairs, stacked to form a beautiful square-shaped tower. The leaves are covered with white powder, which helps retain moisture and protects them from intense sunlight. The columnar area of Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple is approximately 4cm wide, with a height of up to 15cm. However, when too tall, it can become unstable and requires support.

Plant Care:
Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple prefers bright, warm, and dry environments and is not tolerant of high temperatures. Its growing seasons are spring and autumn.

During the spring and autumn seasons, Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple can tolerate full sunlight. However, during summer, the intense midday sun can cause sunburn on Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple, so it should be placed in partial shade with good ventilation. Insufficient light can lead to elongation, so it's advisable to expose it to morning sunlight during the summer.

Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple has underdeveloped root systems, so it cannot tolerate excessive watering. The "dry thoroughly, then water thoroughly" method should be used. Reduce watering when the temperature exceeds 35°C in summer and stop watering when the temperature drops below 5°C in winter, moving it indoors for protection. Avoid water stagnation during watering.

Choose well-draining soil with good aeration for Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple.

Because Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple's root system is not well-developed, it may require some rocks and wood for support as the plant grows taller.

In summary, Crassula cv. Buddha's Temple is a unique succulent that requires ample sunlight, careful watering, and well-draining soil for optimal growth. Providing the right conditions will ensure its health and vitality, allowing you to enjoy its intriguing appearance for years to come.