How to Care for and Cultivate Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops'

Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' is a horticultural variety of the Echeveria genus, characterized by its perennial verdant hue. It is a small-sized, succulent herbaceous plant with rosettes of leaves arranged in a basal rosette. The leaves are thick and nearly circular, lacking distinct tips, with the surface covered in evenly distributed wart-like protuberances. They are typically green or emerald green in color, maintaining their verdant hue throughout the year under strong light or during periods of significant temperature variation between day and night or during the winter. In low light conditions, the color may appear lighter green. Adequate sunlight is essential for Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' to maintain its vibrant green coloration and compact, attractive rosette shape. Insufficient sunlight may result in paler leaves and elongated, loosely arranged leaf clusters. With optimal lighting, each leaf can develop a rounded shape, but the growth rate of the plant is slow. After many years of clustering, the plant can become quite spectacular. It blooms in terminal racemes with small, five-lobed flowers from May to July.

Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' thrives in environments with abundant sunlight and cool, dry conditions, tolerating partial shade but avoiding waterlogging and humid, stuffy atmospheres. It exhibits a growth pattern that favors cool seasons, with a tendency to go dormant during hot summer months. Its growth period typically spans from September to December, with a second growth phase from March to June the following year (though this may vary depending on environmental conditions). Insufficient sunlight can cause the leaves to elongate and gradually lose their color, while plants grown in well-lit areas tend to have shorter, sturdier stems and more compactly arranged leaves. During the growth period, it's important to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. The soil mixture usually consists of coal slag mixed with peat moss and a small amount of perlite in a ratio of approximately 6:3:1. Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' can tolerate temperatures as low as around 4°C indoors; however, temperatures lower than this can cause frost damage to the leaves and apical growing points, resulting in withering and death. During the winter, watering should be minimal or withheld entirely, and water should be gradually reduced below 5°C. In hot summer temperatures, growth may slow or cease altogether, requiring good ventilation, partial shading, and controlled watering to prevent sunburn and rot. Propagation of Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' is typically achieved through beheading for offsets or leaf cuttings. Beheaded plants can be directly planted in dry granular soil and lightly watered after a few days to encourage root development. Leaf cuttings may take longer to root; full, healthy leaves should be carefully removed, allowed to dry in a shaded area to callous, then placed on top of soil with slight moisture, where they will gradually sprout new plants. Adromischus marianae f. herrei 'Lime Drops' is a slow-growing variety, so patience is required for enthusiasts.